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Meet the Team



The company was born timidly in May 2010. Then slowly the direction changes and today Beatrice and Francesco with constancy and dedication to work have become Le Chic, which produces jewels in stones and silver to embellish all the women who wear it. The intent is to use precious and semi-precious materials to transform them into jewels that are the habit of every woman who wants to enhance her elegance. The stones are the emblem of the company that boasts an immense and rich collection of all kinds of jewelry, from bracelets to necklaces, passing through the luxury of earrings and rings. Today we are proud to give joy and emotions to all the people who come to our precious world.



Le Chic conceives jewels as a precious material aimed at the future. The collections develop new forms through chromatic innovations and creative solutions, pushing the horizon of beauty beyond the frontiers of what is already known.


Each Le Chic jewel is the expression of a research path that shapes the precious material of stones into original shapes and unprecedented volumes, creating real works of art to wear, icons of style and elegance, which increase their value over time.


Passion and attention to every single detail are distinctive features of our style. This is why Le Chic jewels excite the public with their innovative design and their unprecedented play of light and colors, from our passion to your emotion.

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